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Construction Defect Investigations

We believe it important for our clients who handle construction defect matters to develop an insight into the benefits from a properly completed investigation.

As in all areas of investigation, it is paramount that you maintain a thorough understanding of the legal and ethical requirements incumbent upon you when retaining an investigative agency as a member of the legal team. By utilizing a properly credentialed and trained investigator you insure that information developed through investigation will be deemed admissible in a court of law.

Construction defect cases are by far one of the most costly forms of litigation. We understand this issue and tailor our investigations to the specific issues relating to each individual inspection site. In most cases, alleged construction defects are the result of inadequate and/or faulty workmanship. These defects are often hidden from view. They may take months or even years to surface in the form of unexpected decay, leaks or building failure. The purpose of construction defect investigation is to determine the root cause and origin of alleged construction defects. Here at CDC, we utilize both destructive and non-destructive testing of a limited number of random samples to uncover defects and estimate the total number of defects in the project. After this step is complete we are able to render damage assessment and identify causation & liability. Based upon the findings of our trained staff we also render financial damage assessment and cost analysis for recommended repairs.


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